Christ for Asia

School Sponsorship

Breaking poverty through education
If you are born into a poor family you feel the curse right from the start. Child mortality is much
higher and educational chances are minimal as poor families need every hand to help win the battle
of survival.
Christ for Asia International is convinced that every child has a right to have a good education as this
is a vital part in breaking the poverty cycle that prevents children from poor families rising up into a
level of having enough. For this reason Nehemiah School of Opportunities was initiated with the
vision to provide quality education for children who otherwise would have no chances.
Today 12 teachers serve 110 students and provide a perspective for a better tomorrow.
From this 110 students 65 are still in need of a sponsor.
Make a difference – help provide education for 65 children.

With your sponsorship you make the difference:
- You donate hope and future to a child from the slums or the street because all of its
educational needs are taken care of.
- You break the spiral of poverty, make schooling possible and medical care real.
- You allow a child to develop its God given gifts and potentials
- You invest into a life so that hope and a future won´t stay just a dream!

That's how you make the difference:

You send us your address and of course also your interest
You will get an information sheet with all needed explanations
You donate 30, - Euro per month
You install a banking order or you can also transfer your monthly support online. (button transfer
support online)
We ensure that with your school sponsorship one student can study at our school and has access to
quality education.
You will get information about Nehemiah School of Opportunities

We will inform you about the development of our students and will send you updates and
information from the school
This is not a sponsorship for a specific child but an opportunity for one student to study at NSOI.


become a sponsor

You can quit your sponsorship at any time
If you let us know your address we will send you updates about CFAI