Christ for Asia

Sponsor a Child

To become a sponsor
To give hope and a future

With your sponsorship you make a difference:
- You allow a child to leave the street and to live in a surrounding of security, love and
approval in one of our children’s homes.
- You donate hope and future to a child because all of its basic needs are taken care of.
- You finish the spiral of poverty, make schooling possible and medical care real.
- You allow a child to develop its God given gifts and potentials.
- You invest into a life, so that hope and a future won´t just stay a dream.

That´s how you make the difference:

You send us your address and of course also your interest.
You will get an information sheet with all needed explanations.

You donate 60, - Euro per month
You install a banking order or you can also transfer your monthly support online (button transfer
support online)
We ensure that your sponsored child is given food, clothing, schooling and care in a family setting.
(If the costs will surmount your sponsorship, we will support your child with a second sponsor.)

You will get information about your sponsored child
We will inform you about your sponsored child and will send you fresh updates and information
about the development of your sponsored child from time to time.

Staying up to date
We would appreciate that you develop contact with your child in writing each other and praying for
one another. You are welcome to surprise your sponsored child with a gift for Christmas or birthday.
If you like you can donate an amount for a gift and our staff will take care for it together with the

Since five years we are the sponsors of Brylle. We met him during a visit in Cebu in the Nehemiah-Boys Home. We are impressed of the good work the staff is doing and how they share their faith with those children and young people. And it is a great  joy for us to be part of Brylles life and to watch him develop over the last years. Meanwhile he graduated in his studies in education. Right now he is serving as a volunteer in Germany in the JMS Church in Altensteig. He came to visit us and we has so much fun and a precious time with him. We enjoy watching his development for the good and how he got hold of a good perspective in life. We are so rewarded that we could invest in a young life through our sponsorship.


I am so glad that I can support a child of CFAI. Due to my sponsorship this child found safety and a home and got the opportunity to go to school. I know how helpful this is since I have spent some time as a volunteer working there.

Christina Würth

After serving at Nehemiah House in Cebu, Philippines through a school trip, I decided to become a sponsor with the help of my parents to share with my family the heart God gave me for the ministry and the children. Going back and meeting the girl we were sponsoring was such a joy and now I am able to sponsor my “little sister” individually and hope to see her again soon!

Seo Yun

become a sponsor

You can quit your sponsorship at any time
If you let us know your address we will send you updates about CFAI