Christ for Asia


Since the Covid19 situation in Cebu City has eased a bit, we were able to get a permit for April 28 to have an opening ceremony for the new Family Center. The Family Center has already been operating since
January 2021, but any kind of events were prohibited. Since it was allowed already we were able to welcome maximum 25 invited guests on April 28, as strict protocols still have to be followed. We are glad that we could still have a great event, with representatives from the government agencies, police, partner organizations, partner churches and business partners. It was important to us that the government and partners saw our new family center in person and that we could share our vision with them as we would like to continue to work closely with government and partner organizations in the future. Two of our College Students were leading the Guest through the Program, who were also able to encourage the guests with their own stories. Jocelyn* told how she came to CFAI 14 years ago, from a struggle to survive on the streets, to a young lady now in her 4th semester studying tourism management. She told how as a little girl she
begged for food on the street in front of McDonalds, slept on a cardboard boxes on the side of the road at night, and occasionally stole fruits from the market to have something in her stomach at least once a day. God used different people to give her hope in her life. Most people experience street children as lazy and annoying beggars, and it was important to us to share that every child has a story. A government official listened to Jocelyn’s story with tears in her eyes, and approached us about it after the event. “I would never have believed that this young lady (Jocelyn) was once one of those street children. She is such a talented young lady who was full of confidence telling her story in front of the guests. It made a deep impression on me.”
And exactly, that is our heart’s desire, that these children can realize their potential and God’s great plans
for their lives become reality. Every child on the street is incredibly precious to God, and we are glad that the guests who witnessed this opening will now encounter the street children in Cebu City with a different perspective. At the end of the program, our guests got to hear something of the potential and talents when two sisters from our College Students performed the song “HOPE”, written by a CFAI Scholar. So it was an all-around successful event and we are thankful to God for all partners who joined the opening ceremony and of course for all friends and supporters worldwide who make the vision of the Family Center possible.